Meet Our Staff

Bev Wimer Doherty

Bev Wimer DohertyBev is Head Instructor for horsemanship and horse training at TWQC. She was formerly a top hand and head wrangler on her family's Montana cattle ranch, the TW Quarter Circle. From an early age, Bev showed a remarkable aptitude for working with horses. She handled her own horse on her first cattle drive at age three and began starting and training horses at age eleven. Not only did Bev win numerous awards herself in horse shows during high school and college, but the horses she started and trained for others also won competitions in high school nationals, college nationals, and the pro rodeo circuit.

Bev received her B.S. in Secondary Education (Physical Education major) from Montana State University. Her teaching and coaching experience includes not only horsemanship, but also 11 years in 4-H clubs, 7 years in special education, and 31 years in Christian schools and competitive sports programs.

Curt Doherty

Curt DohertyCurt is Director of TW Quarter Circle Ranch Ministries. He also grew up in Montana, but in a town rather than on a ranch. However, he always found plenty of opportunities to ride horses at a nearby stable. His love for horses may have been one of the things that attracted him to Bev when they first met at Montana State University. Curt claims that he had to pass a riding test before Bev agreed to marry him, but Bev denies it.

Curt received a B.S. in Secondary Education from MSU, over 40 credits in Bible and Christian Education from Florida Bible College, and an M.S. in Special Education from Bob Jones University. He has over 31 cumulative years of teaching experience in special education, math, and science classes at Christian schools and in English and education classes at a Bible college.

Sara Doherty

Sara DohertySara, Curt & Bev's daughter, is an instructor and administrative assistant at TWQC, joining the ministry in July 2011. She grew up riding horses on their ranch in Montana, riding a horse for the first time at age two and guiding her own horse on a ten-mile trail ride at age four. Sara received her B.A. in Missions with an English minor from Bob Jones University.

In 1994, Sara suffered a cerebral hemorrhage shortly after the birth of her first child. The doctors had little hope for her survival, but God worked a miracle of healing, enabling her to regain both speech and movement. Although she remains paralyzed on her right side, Sara can do more with one hand than many people can do with two—she does housework, sews, cooks, and rides horses. She has also had two more healthy children since her injury. She laughs and rejoices in God's goodness toward her and has encouraged many by her attitude and bravery. Her favorite verse is Psalm 107:1—"O give thanks unto the Lord, for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever."

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