Ranch Bible Study

Although equestrian activities are important, our primary goal is to help others come to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ and learn to know Him better. In light of this, we hold a weekly Bible study to explore God's Word.

Our Ranch Bible Study is held on various days and times depending on demand; please ask us about meeting times or request a meeting time suitable to your schedule. The Bible Study is open to everyone. Feel free to bring family and friends with you. We hold a separate Bible Study for children and teens at the same time as the Bible Study for adults. Meetings may be held at various locations, but they are often held at a private home in the Greenville area. Please contact us for details or requests.

Adult Bible Study

The atmosphere is informal and relaxed. We spend the majority of the time on interactive Bible study, but also leave plenty of time open for discussion on any Bible topic, including questions about Scripture and Christian living. Please don't be intimidated by the small group format or by your level of Bible knowledge. You do not have to participate unless you want to. We have a time of refreshments and fellowship after the study.

The topics vary according to the needs and preferences of the group. Examples of study series include the "Seven C's of Christianity," Francis Schaeffer's How Shall We Then Live, and Jim Berg's Changed Into His Image. As always, we encourage attendees to suggest topics for study.

Children and Teen Bible Study

Children and teens meet with our wranglers in a separate Bible study geared for their age groups (unless they want to join the adult Bible study). Topics and activities vary based on who attends.

Please contact us if you plan (even tentatively) to attend, even just to visit. It helps us to have an idea of how many people are coming. We will send you the address and directions. We would also be happy to answer any questions you might have.