Horse Training

Head Trainer: Bev Doherty

Bev has been starting and training horses since age 11, studying under the tutelage of local cowboy Glenn Montie. "Glenn was considered one of the best horsemen in the area," Bev remembers. "He could do things with horses that no one else even thought of trying." Glenn's methods of breaking and training closely resembled those advocated by natural horse trainers today. "The term 'natural horse training' didn't exist when I began training," Bev notes. "We just called it 'good horsemanship.' It was common sense to use natural and humane methods when working with horses."

Bev went on to break and train winners in high school and college Nationals as well as the pro rodeo circuit. She especially enjoys training horses for barrel racing. Today, Bev uses a combination of skills learned from Glenn and methods from natural horse trainers. She emphasizes a positive learning experience for the horse, and bases her training on principles of safety, respect, and enjoyment for both horse and rider.

Areas of Training

We offer training in the following areas:


Short-term contract: $50 per hour (boarding fees not included)
45-day contract: $900 (includes pasture board plus one free private lesson)
Travel time: $25 per hour prorated plus mileage

We offer one free private lesson (a $60 value) at the conclusion of every 45-day training contract to ensure maximum training benefit for you and your horse. Horse training is never a one-time-fix-all event; it is a continuous process. In order for your horse to retain its training long-term, you must also know the skills that your horse has learned.

We are also willing to send a trainer to your location (Greenville/Spartanburg area only). Travel costs are added to training fees.

Training People to Train Horses

For anyone who would like to start their own colt, train their horse in specific skills, or just learn how to correct unwanted behavior, we offer lessons in horse training. See our Horsemanship Sessions page for details.

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