Breed: Mule

Height/weight: 14.1 hands, 800 lbs.

Color/markings: Red Dun

Owner: TW Quarter Circle Ranch

Bio: Sugar has become a bit of an icon at the ranch because of her uniqueness. Visitors often look at her with puzzled expressions because they are not sure whether to call her a donkey or a horse. Neither one is technically correct; however, because Sugar is accurately considered a mule (half horse and half donkey). Although Sugar acquired her size from her horse mother, she is most recognizable by the long ears and face inherited from her donkey father. The black zebra striping on her legs as well as her small hooves are two characteristics common among mules, but unique at the ranch. Many people think that mules are only good for pulling or some other form of heavy labor, but in reality they can be used for any discipline. Sugar has been used in our Gymkhana Horse Shows for events such as Western Pleasure, Trail Class, and even Barrel Racing.

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