Registered name: I Am A Cattin (AQHA #5580324)

Born: March 18, 2013

Height/weight: 13.3 hands (still growing), 700 lbs.

Color/markings: Bay with one white soc

Bloodlines in pedigree:

Owner: Curt & Bev Doherty

Bio: The best way to describe Shoshone is a little horse with a big personality! She is currently the smallest adult horse at the ranch though she will most likely grow a little more over the next few years. Shoshone was given to us in 2015 because she had sustained a very severe injury to her right front hoof. We were told that she would most likely not survive long because that part of her hoof would never grow back. Despite her injury, the first thing she began to do at the ranch was find her place near the top of the herd. We immediately knew that if Shoshone lived, her confident personality would be a great asset to the ministry. We did the best we could to make her comfortable and we put her in the Lord’s hands. Today, she has a small scar on her coronary band right above the hoof as a reminder to all of God’s miraculous healing powers.

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