Registered name: Shipalong (AQHA #3014497)

Born: April 19, 1991

Height/weight: 15.3 hands, 1210 lbs.

Color/markings: Liver chestnut with star and one white sock

Bloodlines in pedigree:

Owner: Marietta Parrott

Bio: Sequoyah is named for the big redwood tree (but spelled like the Cherokee scholar). In her early years, Sequoyah was a rodeo horse doing a multitude of events; her specialty was Rope Heading horse. Because she was ridden hard during those years, she often has sore muscles that require gentle massage to relax. Her next owners, the Dohertys, acquired Sequoyah from an American Indian reservation in Montana. At the time, she was pregnant with Bridger. With permission from her current owner, Sequoyah is still used in the ministry. She moves so smoothly that she makes everyone feel and look like a great rider. Although she seems rather aloof, she actually pays close attention to her riders and adjusts readily to their varying levels of ability and confidence. Riders may be initially intimidated by her size and powerful build, (She once cleared a seven-foot fence with ease when running from a hailstorm!) but Sequoyah is a gentle giant. If a small child reaches up to pet her, she often lowers her head to their height so they can reach her nose.


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