Sego Lily

Sego Lily

Registered name: Unregistered (Grade Quarter Horse)

Born: Summer 2015

Height/weight: Still growing

Color/markings: Sorrel with three white socks and a blaze face

Bloodlines in pedigree:

Owner: Curt & Bev Doherty

Bio: If you were to take a trip to the beautiful countryside of Montana, you might be observant enough to notice a tiny, delicate flower growing wild. This flower, known as the Sego Lily, is one of the most ornate flowers to be found out west. In the fall of 2015, a beautiful filly with delicate features and plenty of flashy white markings arrived at the ranch. She was appropriately named Sego Lily as a reminder that God’s creation is always beautiful. Although we will be sure to give her plenty of time to finish growing, we are looking forward to the day we will see Sego Lily take her place in the show ring.

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