Registered name: Roses Lakota Witness (AQHA #5467486)

Born: March 3, 2012

Height/weight: 16 hands (still growing), 1,040 lbs.

Color/markings: Bay with small white star and one white sock

Bloodlines in pedigree:

Owner: TW Quarter Circle Ranch

Bio: One cannot look at Lakota without picturing Royalty! She has the expression, elegance, and poise of a Queen. While she inherited her soft, expressive eyes, thick mane and tail, and powerful muscling from her mother Rosebud; we are not sure where acquired her height. At 16 hands (and still growing), Lakota is the tallest horse at the ranch. She is also one of the most responsive to the cues of her rider. She can easily sense even the slightest shift of her riders weight in the saddle, and she works hard to interpret these subtle cues. Although she is still inexperienced and has plenty of energy, Lakota is quickly becoming a great asset to the show team.


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