Registered name: Unregistered Appendix Quarter Horse

Born: 2002

Height/weight: 14.3 hands, 870 lbs.

Color/markings: Chestnut with a star, snip and snip

Owner: Samantha Nyhus

Bio: When Samantha moved to South Carolina from Hawaii to go to college, she didn’t want to leave her horse Diamond in the Rough behind. After some research, she decided to ship him here via Fed Ex. In Hawaii, he was a primarily a hunter/jumper but dabbled a bit in the western world. Here in South Carolina, he has loved honing his skills in the western disciplines and it has shown in his accomplishments. Diamond’s favorite events are the speed events where he has proven his ability to run quickly. He also loves young children and will slow down to take care of them. He is well loved by many riders because he is so sensitive and steady. He has a smooth, rocking chair lope that is perfect for beginning riders. Diamond loves attention, and will often follow his owner around so she will scratch him under the belly.


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