Registered Name: Not registered (grade Quarter Horse)

Born: 2000

Height/weight: 15.1 hands, 1100 lbs.

Color/markings: Chestnut with dark, deep, red mane and tail; star on forehead

Bloodlines in pedigree:

Owner: TW Quarter Circle Ranch Ministries

Bio: Colter was given to us by Helen Neely of Greenville in July 2012. Helen had moved 15 miles away from where he was being kept, so he was not being ridden very much. He was described as lazy because he didn't want to trot or lope. He was such a good looking, good conformation horse that we decided to try him for two weeks. We found that his problem was that the person who trimmed his feet had him walking on the back of his heels which made him very sore. As soon as we got him shod, he was like a different horse. Colter is very personable and loves people. He has become a great addition to our show team and loves running barrels. Colter is named for John Colter (c.1774 - May 7, 1812 or November 22, 1813) who was a member of the Lewis and Clark Expedition (1804-1806). Though party to one of the more famous expeditions in history, Colter is best remembered for explorations he made during the winter of 1807-1808, when he became the first known person of European descent to enter the region now known as Yellowstone National Park and to see the Teton Mountain Range. Colter spent months alone in the wilderness and is widely considered to be the first mountain man.


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