Registered name: HP Highbrow Sonoita (AQHA #5386566)

Born: April 18, 2011

Height/weight: 14.1 hands, 870 lbs.

Color/markings: Sorrel with a blaze face and two freckles; one white stocking, one white sock, and one white half pastern

Bloodlines in pedigree:

Owner: TW Quarter Circle Ranch

Bio: If you have ever met a person whose facial expressions perfectly mirror their inner thoughts, you can catch a small glimpse of Charlo’s personality. Although she is young and still somewhat inexperienced, she has already made a mark in the show ring. She catches the Judge’s attention both by her ability to execute difficult maneuvers and by the sassy flair that accompanies them. Not only have we been pleased by her success in the slow western classes, but we have recently discovered that she has quite the heart for speed events. Charlo seems to especially love barrel racing, and she consistently shoots out of the alley like a small red bullet. If you come visit the ranch, you might notice a bright red horse staring straight at you with her eyes begging for your attention. Be aware though that if you fail to perform this desired action, the expression in those transparent brown eyes will change from one of anticipation and glee to one of sheer disappointment!


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