Registered name: Bridger Bold Witness (AQHA #4750445)

Born: April 21, 2005

Height/weight: 16 hands, 1190 lbs

Color/markings: Chestnut with feathered star and one white sock

Bloodlines in pedigree:

Owner: TW Quarter Circle Ranch

Bio: When we brought Sequoyah from Montana in July 2004, she was pregnant with Bridger. Even though she was suffering from a copperhead snakebite on her hind leg, she did not need any help delivering her foal. On April 21, when Bev went out to feed the horses in the early morning dawn, there was Bridger. We must have imprinted him well while doctoring his mother, because he would rather be with people than with horses. He looks identical to his mother Sequoyah, except that he has a prettier head and is even taller than she is. Despite his large size, Bridger is very flexible. His ability to bend in small circles combined with his inherited speed make him very competitive in the sport of barrel racing. When Bridger was younger, we did not tell him that he can run like his famous ancestors so he could mature, but now he is running in the World Barrel Racing League, NBHA barrels and CHSA speed events. He seems to really be enjoying it. He still is a great All Around Champion and does especially well at the more challenging patterned classes.


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