Registered name: Monty Peppy Freckles (AQHA #4392363)

Born: May 25, 2003

Height/weight: 14.2 hands, 1070 lbs.

Color/markings: Gray with a star on forehead

Bloodlines in pedigree:

Bio: When Lynette Pacentine donated Barsook to the ministry, she included this note: "He is so mellow, and I think he would be a great camp horse. It will be neat to have him be a small part of your ministry. You can use his name as an opportunity to share how two little Russian girls were adopted into a Christian family as part of God's master plan in their lives.” That is why they named him a Russian name. Barsook is Russian for Badger. That was the name the original owner gave him (because his blood lines go back to the famous Peppy San Badger). Barsook is enjoying his new life as a lesson horse at another facility and is receiving plenty of love and attention. We see him occasionally at the Spartanburg Horse Show Association.

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